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About Me

My name is Michelle Prebich and I'm the face behind  Bat in Your Belfry. I specialize in illustrations, prints and wearable accessories inspired by history, Halloween and pop culture!

Bat in Your Belfry is a project I started back in 2012 as a way to create unusual and handmade goods. It honestly started as a side project to have fun. I am a self taught artist and entepreneur. My background is film production, theater and music.

I am based out of Southern California and a great deal of my environment has shaped the style and aesthetic. Having had studied film, most of my crafting and art abilities was used for props and fabrication as well as production design and art direction.

I like to create things that I would want to own and it brings me great joy to geek out with fellow enthusiasts of the unusual and macabre.

Thank you for supporting the work that I do!
~Michelle Prebich




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